About Us

Seasoned veterans come together to form a band whose members bring a wide range of experience and background to the stage.  You won't be disappointed.

Angie Crandall

Angie is a well respected fiddle player having participated in countless contests over the years.  She brings an edge to the group that fascinates crowds every time Broken Fiddle takes the stage.  In addition to playing fiddle, Angie also contributes to the band with lead and background vocals, guitar, and bass.


Angie, along with Kris, also makes up the duo known as Second Fiddle. They have played in many other bands with area musicians, and a new project soon to hit the stage will be known as Stone Road.


Angie is an accomplished gardener, loves photography, and passionately despises winter.  Smart girl!

Kris Crandall

Kris has a great style to accomapny Angie's fiddle playing.  But that's not all he does.  When Kris is on stage you'll catch him playing rocking rhythms, slick leads, and walking bass.  In this group, Kris contributes with lead and rhythm guitar, lead and background vocals, baritone guitar, and bass.  


Kris dabbles in the world of technology for his day job, and his love of anything that lights up, makes noises, or has a switch makes him an asset to the group when setting up sound reinforcement.  Kris is also an amateur woodworker that has built one cajon, and supposedly, another is on the way.


Kris is also a City Councilman in Clearwater, MN.

Jake Hagedorn

Jake is ​the lead vocalist for the group, and there's a very good reason for that


Jake plays 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, as well as bass in the group.  When Kris or Angie takes the lead vocal, Jake's ability to harmonize shines through.  He is our resident "musician" being that he actually holds a Bachelor's Degree in music from Gustavus Adolphus.  


In addition to Broken Fiddle, Jake makes up half the duo known as BrakeAway along with BF member Doug Millaway.  He also plays in a band known as Dirty Mercury, regularly participates in the Vernada Variety Hour band, and is currently rehearsing with another project that will debut in January.

Doug Millaway

Doug is the senior member of the band and is the multi-instrumentalist.  He plays an assortment of instruments with Broken Fiddle including lead and rhythm guitar, tenor guitar, 8 string ukulele, bass, and percussion.  He'll even sing an occasional backup vocal when the rest of the band "lets him".


Doug is the primary booking agent for the group and handles the majority of the PR.


Doug also is a prolific songwriter and plays in BrakeAway and The Gackle Trucker Band. Jake and Doug have successfully recorded two CDs for BrakeAway in his studio in Avon, MN. 

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