Adam Thiel - St. Cloud, MN

The first song on the CD features the smooth styling of Adam Thiel.  Adam chose to rearrange the song a bit and played guitar, mandolin, and did the lead vocals. The harmonies were provided by Jake Hagedorn.  Jake also did the bass guitar on this song. Original lyrics and arrangement by Doug Millaway.  This song was recorded at Blind Owl Studio. Song length: 4:14.

The second song on the CD features Wayne Hamilton.  Wayne did the vocals at Blind Owl studio after the song was raised to his key. Doug plays all the instruments (featuring tenor guitar) except bass by Jason Kapel. Paul Folwell sang backup vocals.. Original lyrics and arrangement by Doug Millaway.  This song was recorded at Blind Owl Studio. Song length: 4:11.


The third song on the CD features Rick Bzdok singing a song I wrote after a friend of mine passed away way too soon.  Rick's version of this song is very dramatic and was done in about three takes. All music played by Doug and recorded at Blind Owl Studio. Original lyrics and arrangement by Doug Millaway.  Rick has since released his own EP.  Song length: 4:03.


Song number four on the CD features Todd Sisson. Todd and I have never met in person, but we share musical interests. Todd recorded his guitar and vocal track in his own studio, and Doug blended those tracks with his percussion back in Avon. Original lyrics and arrangement by Doug Millaway.  This song was finalized at Blind Owl Studio. Song length: 4:15.


Liz has been coming to Blind Owl Studio for a few years now and has already completed one CD.  She is currently working on her second. Liz did the lead and harmony vocals on this song.  Bass was added by Jake. Original lyrics and arrangement by Doug Millaway.  This song was recorded at Blind Owl Studio. Song length: 4:08.


Ain't So Nice 
Rob Denton - Richardson, TX

This song is by far the oldest song on the CD. In the early 2000's, Rob and I formed the studio project called Third Level.  We didn't do many vocal tunes because we were primarily jazz fusion instrumental. We played together for 10 years and put out TONS of quality music. This was recorded at Blind Owl Studio. Song length: 4:02.


Chris Laumb - St. Cloud, MN

Chris was one of the first to volunteer for the project. He re-did the arrangement and transformed this song completely. Jake Hagedorn provided the harmony vocals and the bass, and actually co-wrote this song. Chris is also a professional brewmaster for Beaver Island Brewery in St. Cloud, MN.  Song length: 5:03


This song was part of a Song A Day in the month of May in 2015.  Nigel re-worked the arrangement and basically turned it into a brand new song. Originally from across the pond, Nigel has had an extensive career in the music industry after years in private industry.  This song was recorded by Nigel. Song length: 4:15.

All I Have To Give
Nigel Egg - Minneapolis, MN

Lisa did her first solo CD at Blind Owl Studios, and is working on her second. This song was co-written with Doug in about twenty minutes while sitting in the kitchen drinking tea and coffee.  Lisa is a natural harmonizer and has a great voice and smile Jake Hagedorn provided the bass.   Song length: 4:19

Games We Play
Greg Tamillo - Sauk Centre, MN

As you'll be able to tell by his voice, Greg is a bonafied outlaw country guy.  With his deep baritone voice, he gets those soulful lyrics across as well as anyone. Greg came into the studio cold and laid this track down in just afew takes.  The song was recorded at Blind Owl Studio. Song length: 4:35.

The Bard
Roger Fink - Sartell, MN

This song was written about the untimely death of a fellow musician that was senselessly murdered one night. Roger  re-worked the song a bit, but managed to keep the soul of the tune.  Roger has been playing music with Harper's Chord lately.  Roger also visited Blind Owl Studio to do the tracking for the song. Song length: 5:09

Sad Michael
Cathie English - St. Cloud, MN

Sad Michael was inspired by a visit I made to Nashville. While there, I was in a local coffee shop when the owner came back and had to ask a homeless guy sleeping in a chair to move on.  He offered him a cup of joe before leaving, but it was hard scene to watch. cathie is one of our geat finger-pickers. Song length: 3:54.

Greg is part of The Gackle Trucker Band, and his contribution to the CD is an extension of that relationship.  he has co-written and recorded many songs in the Blind Owl Studio over a time of 20 years or so. A musical friendship that lasts that long can't be all bad. Song length: 3:09

One More Thing
Greg Sanders - Barnesville, MN

What You Don't Kniow was originall written on an 8 string ukulele. You'd never know it by listening to this rendition. Mike is a fellow member of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters, and I was ecstatic that he chose to participate in the project. Mike sent his recorded tracks to be in the mix. Song length: 3:22.

The title hails from a conversation that Rob Denton and I had many years ago.  It finally evolved into a set of lyrics that several people put music to.  One contributor was Farrell, and his version is a well-produced, well executed song. Farrell hails from California, and one of these days I owe him a visit. Song length: 4:11

Big Bad Bass Player
Jake Hagedorn - Waite Park, MN

Jake's footprint is all over this CD.  He plays bass on several songs, Does backup vocals on at least three tracks, and actually co-wrote Climbing.  It wouldn't be right to leave him off this page as he was not only a contributor, but a solid supporter of the project as well.

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