Another spin-off group...

The Gackle Trucker Band


Cleveland Gackle is originally from Western Australia, and provides the lyrical force behind the group. Cleveland has written songs for many years, but has managed to remain irrelevant despite his best efforts. When Cleveland finally arrived in the US and settled in Fargo, ND, he immediately knew his mediocre existence would attract absolutely no attention and that his plan for owning a group home for displaced Eastern European hairdressers would come to fruition. His life consists of Bee Hives, Dreadlocks, and clever lyrical banter. Mission accomplished. 

Virgil Trucker was born in a little town about 90 miles west of St. Louis, MO during one of the biggest winter storms in recent history. Because his mother was unable to get to a hospital, Virgil was delivered by his older sister, who at nine years old, was so grossed out by the experience, she dropped him head first on the green and gold shag carpet causing a permanent reconfiguration of his skeletal structure. The good news is that the deformity somehow manged to allow Virgil to become an excellent keyboard player because of the modified digits he possessed. Virgil lives in Central Minnesota near the famous Lake Wobegon area. Although he has met Garrison Keillor, he doesn't look anything like him, and he refuses to wear red shoes.


Jake Braking occasionally joins the other misfits and brings a sense of actual musical ability to the group when playing.  Jake plays in so many bands that it is rumored that the American Psychological Association is considering an addition to the DSM-V outlining his condition associated with his musical promiscuity. Jake is a native Minnesota and the rest of the group feels sorry for him.


The picture below is not one of us, but just an ugly dog.

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